What I love most about my Ultracor is that my booty looks more lifted and my tummy looks flatter.  I also love the built in underwear and compression technology that aids in recovery after my workouts.
From the Ultracor site:
Our revolutionary designs sustainably merge high-end quality with patented high-performance technology. Ultracor optimizes activewear, so you can optimize your life—in and out of the gym.
Created out of a market gap for truly luxurious activewear that’s as focused on performance as it is on the perfect fit and design, Ultracor strives to bring innovation and sustainability into a space where fashion and fitness converge. The brainchild of husband and wife duo, Asha Kai and Michael Ball, Ultracor merges unmatched style with ever-evolving technology, to bring the highest level products to the health-conscious audience, athletes, and athleisure-lovers alike.

Our mission is the future. From fashion-forward designs driven by groundbreaking fitness technology, to our dedication to preserving the planet, we’re committed to optimizing—to evolving.

Join us in the evolution of activewear.


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