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Ali Landry Television Host - RE/SHAPE by Ali Landry – A Modern Lifestyle Brand for Women

I love spending time with women talking about our lives and how we can best support one another to create a life that we love, where we truly thrive in all areas. This looks different for everyone as we are all on our own personal journey. It’s necessary to evaluate the shape of our own heart, mind, soul and health to understand ourselves to the core and reshape our lives to find true fulfillment.

My favorite quote is; “You do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, you do better.” by Maya Angelou.

At some point we all come to that place where we know we need to make a change and reshape a specific area of our life. For me, I was struggling with many areas of my health and it was impacting my quality of life. At the same time, there was a very tragic event in our family that truly brought us to our knees and caused us to change the way we walk through this world. These moments in life forced me to make a decision; was I going to settle for a life less than, or was I going to do the work, get educated, take responsibility and make the choice to reshape the areas of my life that were no longer serving me? I chose to do the work because I am worthy!

I know many women settle because they don’t have time or they don’t know where to find the answers to help themselves with their health, their emotions or with their job. I started talking with my friends and with the public about my experiences and found out that many of us are dealing with some of the same struggles.

I have been on a mission with my RE/SHAPE platform to find the answers and share them with women around the world. We cannot settle. There are answers and solutions. We just need to find them and support one another in the process.

When I talk with women, I don’t just scratch the surface, I really go there and dig into the core concerns most women have. I tell my own reshape story with full transparency and how I managed to reshape my own life concerning my struggle with sleep, poor digestion, depression, hair thinning, low sex drive, balancing wife-mom-business life, finding true joy and peace in this current stage of my life, forgiveness, and living with intention.

General topics for events, workshops, keynotes, webinars include:

• Evaluation: what’s serving you and what’s not
• The shape our ourselves as a whole person; Soul-Shape, Mind-Shape, Heart-Shape, Health-Shape – why this matters
• Strategy and Implementation for a life RESHAPE
• Tips, Resources, and Structure

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