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Like many women, I suffer from hair thinning, especially around the temple area and down my center part. I always tell the story of when my Mom, who is a hair stylist, pointed out to me that my center part was getting wider. I was mortified. For many years I have also had flare ups of dry patches on my scalp which can be really embarrassing. I finally decided to dig into these issues and really pay attention to the health of my hair and my scalp.

Nina, who has been my genius hair colorist since 2013 and one of the most sought after colorists in Hollywood was also on a similar journey which led her to create Najeau, a scalp and hair care system to feed your follicles. Using oils and live natural ingredients like egg whites, avocado and bananas ultimately realized what her mother has always told her, that the scalp is an extension of the skin, and it holds the follicles that need to be nourished in order to grow healthy hair.
I have learned so much from Nina and with Najeau I am finally giving my scalp and hair the love it so deserves.

Najeau Hair Care System with Scalp MassagerRooted in ancient recipes, Najeau is a non-toxic scalp and hair care system providing a healthy routine and foundation for everyones scalp, follicles & hair.

Follicle Drops
Nourishes and hydrates the scalp, boosts shine, prevents breakage, and improves blood circulation to help stimulate hair growth.


Scalp Mask
Feed the follicles, strengthen the keratin structure, and promote stronger hair anchorage for longer retention.



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