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Use the code RESHAPE to save 10% on services and products.

The Facial Lounge and the “skin whisperer” Amber Rose Johnson, is my go to for all things facials. My favorite  is the lymphatic drainage facial, it reduces any puffiness and helps eliminate toxins.

Amber has the most incredible clientele of faces we’ve all seen for years. She is highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable on all techniques and products to keep our skin looking it’s very best.

It was my pleasure to visit with Amber in a recent visit where she told me how important it is to schedule your facial during your monthly cycle, as that is when your skin naturally sheds. I’ve never heard this before, have you?

We also talked about different skin tightening services and her favorite custom made Cryo Globes.

I’ve become a regular with their monthly membership program. If you are in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach,  a custom facial with The Facial Lounge team is an experience you need to have.

The Facial Lounge is considered one of the best kept secrets of LA and OC elites, and for good reason.  At the Facial Lounge, clients won’t find the usual list of facials to choose from… because master esthetician/mompreneur Founder Amber Rose Johnson doesn’t believe in the “usual” approach to healthy skin. Since no two complexions are the same – so why should their skincare be “one-treatment-fits-all?” Specializing in the signature vegan facial – a one-of-a-kind treatment customized to each individual client – the Facial Lounge team of skilled professionals delivers proven results based on Johnson’s 25 years of industry experience. Discover your best-ever skin through their personalized holistic approach, plus a collection of non-toxic skincare formulations targeting a variety of skin concerns, from acne to anti-aging.

For more information, visit www.faciallounge.com.

Use the code RESHAPE to save 10% on services and products.

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