The Buzz about Glutathione

I am so excited to bring this conversation to you. There is no better time for all of us to be sourcing and using the very best products to keep our health in check concerning immunity and toxic build up. 

It was my pleasure to sit down with Dr. Nyan Patel who is one of the lead researchers and compound pharmacists in the world. Dr. Patel serves medical practices, physicians, wellness practitioners and patients around the globe, some of whom are on the front lines handling the most difficult health conditions. 

Check out our conversation on how glutathione is the great detoxifier and helps reduce inflammation that leads to many of the worlds most harmful lifestyle diseases. 

I am most excited to tell you about his AURO Skincare line and his topical GHS Spray which is the only topical absorbable glutathione on the market.

I use his products every day and I have never felt better.  The morning and night Auro Skin Protocol has improved the skin on my face beyond measure, and I have tried literally every skin care line on the market.  I use the spray every morning and every night – 4 sprays each time. 

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