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Do you follow trends with how you design and decorate your space? Do you have favorite designers and stylists that you follow? I certainly do. 

I believe the stye of our home should not be accidental or necessarily circumstantial. I’ve always loved design and architecture. Searching for the perfect accessories to style any space is a favorite past-time of mine. I love a vintage or antique shop. I’ve even passed this love along to my middle child who will always tag along for a stop at our favorite shops. 

In recent years, I am often moving things around in my house to create new ways of displaying some of our family’s more cherished items. I am a big fan of creating spaces that make you happy, bring peace, are warm and inviting and inspire your life. Whatever that look and design esthetic is for you, I am for it! 

My husband I are committed to only purchasing pieces for our home that have meaning to us or that we feel are really special, pieces that we want in our space. Intentionally filling our home with items that evoke memories, make a statement or are a unique and special give us joy. We love to be in our space, I think it’s partly because we have been intentional to fill it with so many things that matter to our life. 

I have learned to keep clutter at bay, define a purpose for the space, and make everything functional. We live in our houses and we should be able to use and enjoy the things we have. Not all things are meant to sit on a shelf to look at year after year. 

I’ve heard it said, that just like in business, you can create a mission statement for your home. When reshaping a space, or creating a full home makeover, don’t feel rushed to find all of the right pieces just to complete the project. Adding pieces here and there that you collect along the journey make your home. It’s not about running out to your local home store and finding a random piece that can fill a space on the wall during your Saturday project. If that wall stays open for a year and you end up filling it with artwork that you love, how much more will you love your home? This is not about the level of finances you have, it’s about the intention. A $5 item can pull the same level as connection from us as a $500 item because it is our personal treasure. 

Don’t forget to always ask yourself, is it worth it? Is whatever you are buying to fill your space worth it and does it fit the mission statement of your home? And if you want to hang a disco ball in the middle of your room, go for it! 

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