What is Good Lighting ?

I don’t think I have a switch in my home that is not on a dimmer. Beyond creating a certain ambiance in our home from morning to night, I have been educating myself on the importance of how we light our homes. Everything from the light bulbs we choose to the red and blue lights that are on just about all our electronics. 

Good lighting is not only for the perfect photo but lighting has much to do with our health, both the good and the bad. Bright and natural sun light will invigorate us and energize us for the day in the same way as dim lighting has been shown to relax us and slow are systems down to prepare for rest. I like to follow the movement of day to night with the lighting around my house. 

Do you know about your Circadian Rhythm? Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. These natural processes respond primarily to light and dark and affect most living things. Experts tells us to get up with the sun and rest when it sets, it’s the farmers way of life. Implementing your schedule around natural day light and darkness will improve your overall quality of health and align your system to be in its total natural rhythm. 

After accumulated exposure and prolonged use of LED lights people can experience dry eyes, eye strain and headaches. Science shows that Blue Lights are stimulating and prevent our bodies from winding down for a night of deep and restorative rest. With long term exposure while trying to sleep, studies have shown that red lights can disrupt your metabolism, insulin levels and hormones. There are various stickers that you can use to block those lights on all of your electronics. 

The best light bulb for your health is the analog type, the one that best mimics light from our natural source, the sun. Incandescent bulbs are the best because they are the closest thing to sunlight. The act of incandescence makes them one and very much the same – and our body recognizes its light as such. 

An incandescent light bulb produces the purest, most natural form of artificial lighting. It is suggested to use incandescent or halogen bulbs throughout the day + night if you’re after a greater sense of well-being. Also – unlike most harshly flickering LED or fluorescent bulbs – incandescents (and color-correct halogens like Chromalux®) will also be the healthiest type of light for your eyes.  

Reshape your lighting to set the mood for a lifestyle that will keep you at your best from day to night. 

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