Sitting on The Sidelines of Your Life

Not long ago my health was off, and I became so exhausted that it was all I could do to get through the day. I often say that it felt like I was sitting on the sidelines of my life just watching it fly by while trying to keep up. This was not how I wanted to live and I was determined not to settle into this way of life. 

I was hosting a morning talk show at the time. It was live, syndicated across the country and our interview schedule moved quickly. I thought it would be the perfect schedule, up at 5 and finished with work by 10. Off to a workout and then I would have the afternoon to catch up and prepare for the evening with my kids and husband. This dream schedule only lasted for a few weeks. When I would arrive home by 11, I was crawling back into bed and staying there until my kids arrived home. I was so exhausted and I had zero energy. Some issues with my health that I had been just dealing with for a couple years that had been nagging, were now full on going off in my body like fireworks. My energy level was sluggish, my brain fog was thick, my digestion was a mess and my temper was getting shorter by the minute. I got to the point where I knew I had to stop and figure out what was going on to find the answers that would help me get my heath back. After going to a naturopath doctor, I learned it was all integrated – everything I was experiencing was connected and we had to address my whole body to fix the certain areas that were flaring up. 

Have you had those times where you were watching your life pass by or you watching your kids grow up and couldn’t engage the way you wanted to because you were so tired and when keeping the flame lit in your relationship is the last thing on your mind? When we get to this place, it is a true moment of decision. Are we going to sit in it and let the stress run our life or are we going to step back and figure out how life got here and what needs to be done to create a better quality of life? 

I chose not to settle into this way of living, I knew my life was worth more than feeling defeated, stressed and unwell both physically and mentally. The key to opening the door and finding my way back to living a full and joy filled life, was getting to the root cause of my health through blood work; adding certain supplements, cutting out inflammatory foods and creating routines around my life that helped me maximize my day and not drain my day. My morning and night routine was the start for me. The basics of preparing make ahead breakfast, scheduling fitness sessions, scheduling my prayer and meditation time, spending more time outside in nature, and keeping the romance alive eventually all lead me out of this fog and watching my life play out from the sidelines. I was back to being an active participant in my own life. We all go through the twists and turns of life, it’s our mindset and the resolve we have deep within our soul for keeping a determined spirit for how we are going to choose to live an intentional life. It’s your one life, you are the artist with the paint brush for your life. Make it a masterpiece. 

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