Mindful Eating Keeps Me at My Best

Instinctually I have practiced mindful eating all of my life and I think this is one of my secrets to staying healthy and remaining pretty much the same size since high school.  You see, I love food, I always have.  I have always said that I don’t trust women who don’t eat:).  I was the kid who savored every single morsel on my plate and then I would take my finger nail to scrape off any extra goodness that was left behind from Mom Landry’s rice and gravy.  I find myself many times at dinners closing my eyes when taking the first bite of my meal to truly experience the food and all of its nuances of flavors.  I absolutely still indulge in food but it is a conscience choice with no guilt attached. 

If I want to eat 2 servings of my mother in law’s chiles rellenos  followed by flan…..I will do it and love every bit of it.  I make that choice knowing that tomorrow is a new day and I will be making the choice to eat super clean and probably end the night with a veggie based soup or bone broth for dinner.  It is always a balance and one I am happy to try to achieve because I feel like food and breaking bread is one of the great joys of life. 

We all try out best to eat well both for our internal health and to keep ourselves looking our best on the outside too. Most of us have tried every eating system and plan that has come highly recommended or is the latest fad to hit Hollywood. I have always lived with a mindset of maintaining a healthy body but not depriving myself of living life to it’s fullest and for me that means enjoying a delicious meal. I am particular and deliberate but go all in when I am in the moment and jump back on my consistent clean eating lifestyle the next day. 

We get one life, and if you enjoy food like me, I encourage you to create a mindset and system around your eating that allows you to enjoy your life.  There is no need for food to become a burden on your mind and in your heart, its all about being mindful and creating a custom plan that is feasible for you.  

Tell me how you practice mindful eating. 

Eat more mindfully on a daily basis and reap the benefits

Mindful eating is paying attention to your food, on purpose, moment by moment, without judgement. It focuses on your awareness and experience of the food you eat. However, it is not obsessing over every bite. It is making a lifestyle plan for yourself that allows you to life to the fullest while keeping your health in good shape. 

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