Crystal Clear Visualization

Do you spend time on a regular bases dreaming and visualizing what you want for your life?  Visualizing what you see for your life six months from now, next year or in ten years is a practice that has been proven to be an essential method to accomplish your goals and literally create the life of your dreams. 

I have been practicing a version of visualization for years. It usually happens during my prayer and meditation time or when I’m on vacation. While I have created a beautiful and comforting space in my home for spending time to journal and pray, being outside near the ocean or in nature is definitely the best place for me to breathe in and set an intention for my life. What about you, is this a regular practice for your life? Do you have a place that allows your mind and heart to be free to think, dream and visualize what could be in your life? These times of visualization often bring about feelings of what you may need to refine or eliminate in your life that would keep you from accomplishing the vision you see for yourself. 

I saw a book titled ‘Believable Hope’. It was written by a man who is an executive in the addiction space and a former addict himself. This was his motivation for other people who struggle with addiction. The idea of Believable Hope as it relates to visualization and having vision for your life is the foundation for reaching where you want to go. You have to believe in your heart you can make your life what you want it to be and then set your mind to do what it takes together. Are you just going to dream about it, or are you going to step out and make your dreams a reality? It’s never too late to start. I believe God always opens the doors or brings the people to you that you might need along the way. But those dreams and visions are in your thoughts on purpose, they are just for you. They are just not there to circle around in your mind and stay there tucked away, you are meant to go and move forward to pursue every last vision you have. 

So what are the steps to visualization and then activation? Allow yourself the space to dream and see what could be for your life. Sometimes this first step is very hard. It can be very difficult sometimes to let yourself visualize a future that seems so far from where you are today. But it’s ok, the more you maintain your vision and work toward it, the closer you become every day and it begins to feel attainable. You begin to change, your thoughts begin to change, even your surroundings often change when you are on your mission to see that you get where you are going. Being around people who live like you want to live or do what you want to do for work, or have perfected a talent you want to improve… is the formula. You become the people you surround yourself with. 

About the activation; make a list of what you need to do to get there. Check off the list every day, every week or every month – its your schedule and your time. Hold yourself accountable and remember why you are making these moves in your life. Whatever you do, don’t settle. Don’t get to the end of you life only dreaming of the life you want… go get it! 

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