YOU Are Worth It

What defines your worth? Is it how you think about yourself, how other people think about you, or perhaps a combination of both? 

Placing value and worthiness on ourselves can sometimes be tricky at different times in our lives. When my health started breaking down a few years back, I would talk about it with my girlfriends, and some of them would say that I just needed to settle into it and it was because I was getting older. When I had a very public breakup years ago, I had to figure out at a young age my worth and not let that define my future. Our daily routines and how we prioritize our life or going after our dreams, all come back to a mindset of being worth it. Believing that we are worth whatever it takes to reshape our lives so we are fulfilled while creating the most beautiful life we can see for ourself. 

Naturally, I have always been a positive person. I see the bright side of things, and approach most things with a glass half full. But when the life moments come along that carry a lot of weight, what we build inside our ourselves will determine how we are going to handle any situation. It all comes back to where you find your worth, do you believe you are worth having a career you love, are you worth being respected and not allowing anything less, are you worth making your health a priority so you can squeeze the most out of life? Are you worth taking the time to do the things that set your soul on fire? When was the last time you’ve asked yourself this? 

The idea of settling, doesn’t settle well with me. No matter your story, there is a path to finding your way and seeing yourself as person who deserves more than just settling into past disappointments, a nagging health condition, or a way of living that is not serving you. 

Knowing your worth definitely takes time to build within yourself. You can have people tell you what they believe your worth is or perhaps you were raised in a supportive home and you had the idea of worth instilled in you. Many of us throughout our lifetime have those moment where that self talk becomes necessary to build the foundation of how we are going to move through life with the assurance of who we are, how we manage situations and what we will not allow define us. 

When I started down my health journey to figure out what was going on, I was determined not to settle, I was going to fight for it. I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines of my life not feeling my best. I know this determined spirit in me was built over many years… and it’s true what they say, what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. I know this to be true for my life. 

You are worth the time it takes to focus on your heart, mind, soul and health and to reshape any area of your life that keeps you from recognizing your worth and your value in this world. We are all on this reshape journey together. 

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