Weight Loss with Fennel Seed Water

So this is new to me! 

Did you know that if you drink warm fennel seed water, its been proven to breakdown fat in the body? 

This common spice found in our cupboard is known for its ability to treat various health concerns such as; congestion, asthma, diabetes, stomach bloating and other digestive issues. It’s also known to detoxify the blood. 

But did you know that fennel is an effective natural remedy for burning body fat? Drinking fennel seed water or tea is believed to naturally reduce the build up of fat throughout your body. 

Fennel is a rich source of fiber and contains various nutrients and antioxidants. Drinking fennel seed water can help boost metabolism, enabling you body to burn more fat. Moreover, fennel seeds can help reduce fat storage by improving nutrient absorption in the body while suppressing your appetite. The fennel seeds have diuretic properties and drinking tea can increase urine flow reducing toxins in the body which could contribute to weight loss. 

Finally, the excellent fiber and essential oils in fennel seed are considered activators for flushing out sludge and toxins from our bodies which cleanses our blood allowing for further absorption of nutrients in the body. The polyphenol antioxidants in fennel seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting various bacteria and viruses which we all need a little more of these days.  

Steeping two tablespoons of fennel seeds in boiling water and drinking on an empty stomach has become part of my morning routine! 

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