FENNEL and LICORICE is the Sweet Craving Secret

I fell in love with roasted fennel about 2 years ago.  When roasted with a little olive oil , salt and black pepper it becomes sweet and delicious.  It is absolutely my family’s favorite roasted vegetable.  When visiting a restaurant in Topanga Canyon, California, I asked if they had any teas that would make me feel like I was having a dessert as I am constantly on the hunt to curb my sweet tooth and the wonderful waitress recommended a combo of fennel and licorice tea sachets from one of my favorite brands, Traditional Medicinals.  I fell in love with this tea.  My husband and I drink it every night after dinner.  Sometimes I add vital proteins vanilla collagen creamer to it for an extra creamy yummy treat, plus having collagen before bed is supposed to also help with better sleep and that is always welcome.  Because I have such a love of fennel I decided to dig in to learn more about this root vegetable and the benefits I found were pretty amazing.    

The healing power of Fennel

Fennel as a food, a spice or a medicine has a wide range of actions such as protecting digestion, alleviating menopausal symptoms, improving respiratory function, decreases inflammation, aids in weight loss by boosting your metabolism and can help improve vitamin and mineral absorption in the body. 

The healing power of Licorice 

Licorice is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It can ease symptoms of indigestion and heartburn. Some studies have suggested that licorice may help kill bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay. Finally, mixing the herb with a skin-friendly gel such as aloe vera gel can help reduce eczema. 

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