My Home Fitness Strategy

Most days I love to workout and get a little movement in my day. We always say how much better we feel after making the effort to get in our favorite cardio or weight training session. Year after year, I find it more necessary to stay consistent with my fitness routine as it is truly one of the primary factors for me to live my best life. 

But there are those days, of course, where I would rather just lounge. How about you? 

My schedule before lockdown included taking a couple classes every week and scheduling workouts with my neighborhood friends, but that all shut down with everything else. 

Every inch of our house was maxed out especially with kids doing school from home and my husband needing his quiet office space. Even with all of the change to our daily flow, I knew it was necessary to set myself up so I could at the very least find thirty minutes for myself and move my body every day. 

I put together a simple fitness kit with my basics that I use to elevate my workouts in the most powerful way. Each fitness tool is purposeful, even my wardrobe choices. Creating a space in the corner of my bedroom where I can keep everything neatly in a basket has made a huge difference with my mindset. I have everything ready and there is no thinking. Anytime I can give myself the gift of thirty minutes, I’m ready to jump right in and I don’t give the space to talk myself out of it. 

I find that the more I prep, prepare and keep things organized, the more likely I am to stay on track when I feel the urge to lounge rather than break out that sweat. 

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