7 RE/SHAPE Fitness Hacks

These fitness hacks help me to reach my movement goals each week.

  1. Keep your kitchen clean at all times. When your kitchen is clean, you will cook more often. The more you meal plan and cook at home, the healthier and controlled your diet will be. 
  2. Sleep in darkness; even a little bit of light can impair sleep quality. When you sleep in complete darkness, you will receive deeper, more restorative sleep. 
  3. Stay standing as much as you can throughout the day. Sit down for a half hour then stand up again for as long as you can. Standing throughout the day will burn calories, but more importantly you will build endurance in your legs and lower back. Sit and stand in intervals throughout the day – sitting is as important as standing with implementing this fitness hack. 
  4. Be intentional with your down time; take the dog on a longer walk, if you are sitting flex your foot up and down to encourage blood flow and lymph activation, if you are cooking; work in a set of squats or push-ups while standing at the counter, lay on the floor to watch TV and active stretch. 
  5. Make workout clothes your work-from-home uniform. Rather than sitting in sweat pants or pajamas for the day, get dressed in your workout clothes first thing in the morning. It will encourage you to get your workout in… one less point to talk yourself out of if you have to change your clothes and ‘get ready” to work out. Make sure to get a few cute workout pieces so you will love dressing in them and getting ready in the morning…. feel good about it. 
  6. Make your play lists as long as you plan to exercise. This will help you from glancing at the time. 
  7. Shape your environment so you will be successful; set your training shoes out, layout workout clothes the night before, meal prep the night before or the weekend before, schedule workouts with friends, drink pure water throughout the day, make yourself a priority. Be aware of the excuses that are in your head and set yourself up to where they are no longer viable to debate with yourself. 

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