Why Challenge Yourself During Workouts?


Why Challenge Yourself During Workouts?

1. Increased Stamina

As you challenge yourself through previous hurdles, you may notice that across your day you feel more energetic and have a lighter mood. This offers an easier response to daily tasks and can make you feel way more powerful. By pushing through your usual beliefs about what you can do vs. how much you REALLY can do, you are in a much better position to build on your endurance with sustained periods of exercise and perfect execution.

2. Healthier Heart

Working past your comfort zone is a great way to improve your cardiovascular system, by getting that heart rate up a touch and getting your sweat on! Fitness level increase = happier heart.

3. Increased Metabolic Rate

It goes without saying that to ramp up your effort a bit would provide a bigger number in terms of energy used (calories). With an increase in endurance, stamina, strength and a winning attitude comes the added bonus of elevated metabolic rate – yay!

4. Better Physique

Challenging yourself during workouts can be an awesome way to shake up how you shake it! Imagine the AMAZING transformative physical changes on the horizon with your champion efforts, carving up the unwanted wobbly bits and building a fitter, stronger body!

5. Avoiding Plateaus

A common factor for anyone following an exercise program is to notice the plateaus (our comfort zone) creeping in. This can be a huge demotivator when you feel as if you’re really putting the time in, but to go through the motions with your sessions is doing yourself a disservice. Make sure you’re always pushing yourself 110%!

6. Exploring New Activities & Exercises

With newfound levels of physical strength and endurance, how cool is it that you can now look at the goal of new activities/exercises with excitement instead of dread?

7. Setting New Goals With Confidence

Raising the bar when setting your next milestone is a given when you have been pushing yourself! You’ve jumped to an unfamiliar effort level, only to achieve more than you thought possible – so no wonder you feel unstoppable!

8. Consistency

Working with a gold medalist vision can be the perfect way to stay consistent. When you KNOW that you’re improving with each workout (even if it’s just a tiny bit) you’re more likely to stick at it and make your health a priority.

9. Higher Self Esteem

How great are you going to feel when ticking off session after session, knowing you’ve given it your all? You’ll feel ready to tackle any challenges life throws at you.

10. Stronger Resilience

With your increased physical strength, self confidence and history of remaining committed to your journey, this can be an anchor to stronger resilience across the board.


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