The Benefits of Cold Therapy

Warm summer days are here, and I can’t wait to cool down and upgrade my complexion with a bit of cold therapy this season. And I’m not talking about popsicles and ice-packed lemonade (though I’ll definitely be having both), but a set of ice globes that glide across the face to produce the most glowing, gorgeous skin. You may have a few reactions here. “Oh, are those the pretty blue tools I keep seeing on Instagram?” “I can’t live without my ice globes, they help me eliminate puffiness in the morning!” “What on earth are ice globes?” While the second option is ideal, I’m more than happy to tell you all about the benefits of cold therapy and why it’s a total lifesaver after any all-nighter or stressful week.

What is cold therapy?

When you think about it, the concept of cold therapy for skin has been prevalent for nearly a century. Old Hollywood movie stars used to dunk their faces in buckets of ice to help reduce inflammation and improve circulation for a camera-ready complexion. These days, we have more fancy treatments like cryotherapy to help you chill out your skin, but the benefits for your face remain the same. Here are just a few:

● Radiant skin
● Less puffiness (especially around the eye area!)
● Exfoliation of dead skin
● Smaller pores
● Easier absorption of other skincare products
● May help to reduce oil production and blemishes

There’s no denying the effect of cold temperatures on your delicate skin, and it’s a chill out session unlike any other. But if you’re not in the mood to head to the med spa for an ice facial or dunk your face in a cup of ice, I don’t blame you. All you need is a set of ice globes to upgrade your beauty routine! This process is pretty cool, no pun intended. These Cryo Globes help to stimulate the lymphatic system in your face to help flush toxins, working to define your features (brows, cheekbones, jawline) and minimize the look of pores for a fresh and flawless natural look.

Why do I need Cryo Globes?

Cryo globes are futuristic-looking glass beauty tools filled with a cold liquid, designed to deliver a dance on your face for beautiful skin. Just a few gliding motions around the eye area, cheeks, jawline and neck will help to ease puffiness and give you that “no makeup” worthy glow, among other things, and they’re made for practically anybody to use. Even those who are sensitive to the cold need not worry, as this won’t freeze your face in the same way that ice cubes would, and it doesn’t hurt that Cryo Globes from Facial Lounge (my favorites!) are also the ideal self-care tool.

If you watch a video of an esthetician performing an ice globe dance on somebody’s face, it looks very relaxing. Why? Because it is. The benefits of Cryo Globes are endless, especially when done from home, and you’ll feel like the 2021 version of an old Hollywood movie star with this modern type of cold therapy.

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