How I Keep My Curls For Days

For years, one of the consistent questions I get asked is how I create my loose wavy curls and keep them set for days.

Growing up my mom owned a hair salon where I spent many hours learning about hair and makeup. I even sold skincare at the salon to put myself through college. I’ve always loved all things beauty!

Finding the right products for our individual hair type is key. I have tried just about everything in the market – both budget friendly and crazy costly to find the best combination for me. After having kids, my hair texture and thickness changed too, which created a change up to add a few new products. Being aware of your hair needs whether it is hydration, clipped dead ends, or volume from the base is key. All of these details are the foundation to create a final look that you love.

I have fine tuned my hair routine over the years to maintain the health and integrity of my hair the best I can and to also cut down on my time during the week in order to create the look that is most natural to me. 

The trick to keeping my locks with a beachy curl fresh for the entire week is a silk pillow case and a silk scrunchie tied in just the right way.

If you are ready for a reshape on your hair and need a quick and easy tip to help yourself, this might be for you.

Our hair is an asset to our lives, long or short, colored or not, simplicity or artsy… whatever your look is – a few great tips and tricks from our girlfriends help us all look and feel our best.

Tell me a few of your best hair hacks!

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