Ancient Beauty Secrets

Have you ever thought about the beauty treatments women implemented thousands of years ago? Of course everything was created from the most natural properties. It is fascinating to learn about some of the beauty secrets that have truly stood the test of time. 

Cleopatra’s beauty secrets weren’t only for her visage. Her gorgeous skin was produced by bathing in milk, honey, and olive oil. Although its been studied that the Egyptian queen’s dairy baths came from donkeys, cow milk also contains lactic acid, an effective alpha hydroxy acid that helps to break down dead skin cells and allows for radiant skin to regenerate.

Similar to the effect of milk baths, yogurt was used by the Ancient Greeks. They would mix yogurt with olive oil and apply it to the skin to treat sunburns and other skin conditions. The yogurt acts as a gentle exfoliant while the olive oil soothes and moisturizes.

The practice of bathing in natural ingredients has been around for centuries, and various cultures have specific bathing rituals. In Japan, different regions will infuse local ingredients into the bath water, such as fresh, seasonal fruit or fragrant tea leaves. The antioxidant properties of tea soothe and detoxify the skin for a relaxing soak. Green and black tea are said to be the most beneficial for their therapeutic properties.

Damask roses have historically been the preferred type of rose for wellness use. Introduced by the Ancient Persian empire, where that particular rose flourished, distilled rose water was then brought to Egypt and Rome through trade. It is often found in other moisturizers and creams, but rose water is also an effective toner on its own–just grab a handful of rose petals and steep in boiling water to make it at home. Its anti-inflammatory properties even help alleviate symptoms of skin conditions like Rosacea and eczema. I have always love the scent of roses and I love knowing now that they are good for my skin, too! 

A common Ancient Greek remedy, honey contains a plethora of antibacterial ingredients. Mixing it with olive oil creates a healing face mask that provides the skin with a boost of vitamins. Elsewhere in history, the women of the royal court in China’s Ming Dynasty would mix ground orange seeds with honey for a gentle exfoliating scrub.

So the next time you plan your perfect day of relaxation, be sure to try a few of these lovely treatments and imagine you are Cleopatra!

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