Auro Skincare – The ONLY Topical Absorbable Glutathione in The Market

Have you heard the most recent buzz about glutathione?

It is my sincere pleasure to launch our RE/SHAPE collaboration with Dr. Nayan Patel on behalf of his incredible glutathione skin care line.

Glutathione is the ultimate detoxifier for the body. Studies show that it helps rid the body of toxins and reduces  inflammation which is the primary cause of most lifestyle diseases in the world today.

Dr. Patel’s line of glutathione products are made from the purest form of glutathione and are the only topical absorbable glutathione in the market. Taking glutathione in supplement form does not allow for maximum absorption. This topical version is fully absorbed into the body.

Let me tell you first, I have tried or have been gifted just about every skincare and face product line in the market. This skin care system quickly became one of my all time hero products as the improvement in my skin’s thickness and clarity is something I’ve never seen before. Not only has it improved my skin texture, I am eliminating the toxic build up on my face both morning and night.

The GHS spray is incredible! Dr. Patel’s global studies on this product will astound you as it has been a the key to radically supporting the healing process of people with all types of serious health conditions. My entire family uses this spray to remove toxic build up within our bodies and also to support to our immune systems.  4 sprays in the morning and 4 sprays in the evening – each one of us can feel the difference in our overall health.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Patel, as the Auro Skincare system is truly a game changer for your health and your beauty routine!

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