How do you take your Egg?

Do you eat the whole egg or just the whites? 

I’m a whole egg eater. I prepare a dozen hard boiled eggs at the start of each week. They are the perfect on-the go breakfast paired with my green juice. I love an omelet sautéed in ghee with roasted tomatoes and elevated with a touch of salmon roe. It’s always so fascinating to watch a French chef prepare an omelet, they say it’s the ultimate test of a good chef. 

Whole, organic, pasture raised eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet as they contain a little bit of almost every nutrient you need. They are a complete protein and help your good cholesterol while lowering your bad according to Healthline.  The yolk is where all the vitamins and minerals live. 

The American Heart Association recommends one egg per day, however many leading wellness experts, such as Dave Asprey, provide research that indicates including whole eggs as a staple in your diet is beneficial of your overall health and weight management. 

The Yolk of an egg contains; vitamin D, lutein, choline which are all must haves for our body to function at an optimal level. 

They type of eggs you buy, what you cook them in and what you eat with them all contribute to the impact eating an egg will have on your body. 

Pair your egg with other clean eating options so you know you are maximizing the benefits. Leave the yolk soft when preparing it, or don’t over cook your scramble. You want to keep the natural fortification of vitamins in as much as possible. 

Salmon roe is a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These fats have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential and may improve heart health. 

The incredible edible egg is a fact. How many ways can you reshape your egg?

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