Urban Sweat Lodge


“Sweat like a Pig, look like a Fox”  is Shape House’s slogan. This photo was taken during the second part of my Sweat Lymphatic Combo Session at Shape House, an Urban Sweat Lodge.

Why I love it:

Shape House, an Urban Sweat Lodge has been very popular in Los Angeles and New York.  I had heard about it while doing research on infrared therapy and I really wanted to try it out.  It claims to improve your skin, help you sleep better, help with stress, burn calories etc, which all sounds great, so I wanted to give it a try.

I really loved my experience there. I actually loved it so much that I bought a package because I knew I wanted to continue my sweat sessions.  I noticed a difference in my skin, as they claimed, not only on my face, but also the texture and tone all over my body.  Although the sweat got a little intense the last few minutes of the session , I felt so great when I was done that it was so worth it.  I was relaxed mentally and physically which makes sense because people have been using sweating rituals for thousands of years for spiritual , mental and physical well being.  I spoke to a few other women while I was there who were regulars and they swore by the benefits as well.  Check out more information at www.theshapehouse.com and go and get your sweat on!

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