Favorite Natural Beauty Hacks

Red Lipstick for Dark Circles 

Years ago I discovered the red lipstick as concealer hack. The theory is that red lipstick will counteract the bluish-purple undertones.  Colors that are opposite on the wheel, balance each other out. So red helps disappear shades of blue. You need to find your shade of red that will blend with your foundation and other layered products. But this is one of my all time best beauty hacks. 

Tangles When Sleeping 

Brush your hair before bedtime, period. When we attempt to save a style by not brushing but it more often turns out to be a mess and the look is not salvageable.  Since loose hair can get matted more easily, try tying your hair up or braiding it before laying your head to rest. Use a band wrapped in silk to avoid harsh denting in your hair. Just be sure to switch up the style each night. Try alternating a bun one night, and a French braid the next so your hair will won’t settle into a direction while you sleep. Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase. Not only is a silky pillowcase better for your skin, but strands won’t catch on such a slippery fabric. I have slept in a silk pillow case for years. 

Use Bronzer as Eye Shadow

No need to dirty another brush, or even to pry open another compact—after sweeping bronzer over your temples and cheekbones, dust it along your closed lids for a wash of neutral color that will open up your eyes and mix flawlessly with the rest of your face.

Coconut Makeup Remover 

Did you know that the creamy oil that we all keep on hand in our kitchen can also be an ace at removing stubborn makeup? A drop of this fatty acid-rich oil can remove all traces of last night’s look in a pinch. Coconut Oil is best. 

The Eye-Bag Reliever

Put two metal spoons in the freezer and wait a few minutes until they feel cold and frosty. Place them on top of your eyelids, curved-side down, for a few minutes. The metallic chill shrinks vessels and shrinks bags. I love to use the Cryo Globes from Facial Lounge, available in the RE/SHAPE Shop. 

Olive Oil as Face Wash

Sounds counterintuitive, but experts say that using olive oil to wash your face leaves skin soft, but more importantly clean. The oil attracts other oils, drawing it out of our pores. Choose a great high grade, first cold pressed organic olive oil. 

Cooking Spray as Quick Dry for Nails

Speed up the drying process of a fresh manicure by spritzing polished nails with a shot of cooking spray.

Cold Water Burst – Lymph 

Cold water tightens and constricts blood flow to the exposed area and provides skin with better protection from free radicals & pollution, giving your skin a healthier glow. If you practice cold showers in the morning, followed by a lymph drainage Gua Sha facial massage using your favorite serum, you will see immediate results that will have lasting health benefits. To warm your body, follow your cold shower with a deep massage using an antioxidant rich oil to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Multi-Use Tweezer 

This super easy tip makes defining those hard-to-reach lashes so easy. Just add a light swipe from some of your favorite mascara onto your tweezer tip, then glide it onto each individual lash to separate and lengthen them. Be careful not to pull as you go. 

Create your own tinted moisturizer:

simply add a few drops of your go-to foundation with a moisturizer of your choice. The foundation will give the moisturizer just a hint of coverage while still providing all those great moisturizing benefits.

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